First interactive books for children who cannot read

Are the interactive books that help children to develop their mind and senses in the golden age 0-6, these books are chosen by parents all over the world.


Parents who have heard about Usborne - famous England publishers - surely have known lift-the-flap books. These books are also in the interative list for children who havent known letters yet and they are popular with kindergarten all over the world.

In the first half of 2017, Lift-the-flap series in English-Vietnamese released 5 volumes and are the favourite of Vietnamese parents.

Books that are moving

Sliding book may be strange to Vietnamese parents. However, for children from all over the world, these books are not strange.

In England, Usborne have “Slide and see” and in France, they have Kididoc. Kididoc is published by Nathan - leading children publisher in France. With intelligent moving pages, Kididoc have been published in 22 countries all over the world and became one of the best-selling book for children 0-6.

Like its strange name, the book includes pages that can duplicate movements like egg cracking, footballer kicking balls, dolphin playing with water. Babies riding horse...

These moving images not only help children to remember words fastly, develop their mind but also help them to train their hands and finger when controlling the images’ frame.

Now, Kididoc series’ right has been bought and is planned to be released in Vietnam in this August.

Cloth book

Cloth books maybe strange to some parents, but this is the kind of book which is much suitable for children 0-2. A feature of this age is that children often put things into their mouths so books made from soft clothes with safe and clean material will be suitable for kids.

(Pic: Inside a cloth book)

Especially, parents can interact with children through the cloth book by investigating together with children about the cloth or let children “play” with the book by modeling activities in the books like teeth brushing, face washing...

Stickers books

Stickers books are not strange with parents with children 3-5 years old. We simply look for the right sticker and stick it to the right place.

With less complicated activities, but this kind of book help children to develop touching sense and focus ability. Italian educator Montessori said: “Hands are the intellect tool of humankind.” By these hand training, children can have the sensitive awareness about surroundings and develop their mind.”