DinhtiBooks’ internal journal - a proud saving

Internal journal My DinhtiBooks has officially been released and made an impression among Dinhtiers. Behind the scene, there are many surprises that not everybody knows

100 % Dinhtiers have appeared in the journal once

100% Dinhtiers have appeared in the journal at least once, you can try to figure out where!

15 days in progress

After 15 days from preparation to completion, PR and designing department journal team finally introduced the journal, perfectly designed and great in content.

6 times - is the times of appearing of the most popular individual

Who is she? It is surely Quynh Mo of designing department, the one in the front cover page. She had had a wonderful year and mark it with a new position of deputy chief at designing department. Hopefully, this year we also will have another individual with no less excellent achievement to appear in the front cover.

100 for 1

In order to have the gorgeous front cover, Quynh Mo and the journal team had to work very hard to shoot pictures at Gac Mai Studio. At the end, after more than 100 pictures taken with many shades of smile, we have a final one top wonderful picture to be chosen.

Journal’s impression

The journal not only made an impression with Dinhtiers but also grasped other people’s attention and fondness. We can be proud to say that our company’s journal is... as good as Elle :))