Behind impressive book designs are not less “great” individuals

Let’s discover secrets which are first time told by those great books maker!

  1. 30 days learning about abusing for parents and children
  • Designer: Dau Quyen
  • Story to be told: When making illustration for this book, my only challenge is to overcome myself, overcome secret fear, overcome the old ghosts, overcome the term “child abuse” itself… I truly want to say thanks to Hoang Anh Tu for his writing has given me the chance to draw what I cherished for many years, things that I have wanted to speak out for a long time but did not know how.

  1. Lift the flap
  • Designer: Nguyen Phuong Quynh
  • Story to be told: Lift the flap was my first work of complicated-structure children books. It bore my desire and effort with books for small children. When the work were still in progress, I had to cut and stick many times by hands. However, when receiving praise and admirations of others holding the products on hands, I feel much encouraged and appreciated.

  1. Hanoi April book festival kiosk
  • Designer: Hoang Dau Xanh
  • Story to be told: The biggest challenge was the need of an thorough idea to make special impression and things needed to be fit to millimeter from designs to real life. My most happy memory was the time I worked with PR department for ideas of products and directly did setting up at the festival.

  1. Vietnamese- English- French sliding books
  • Designer: Quynh Mo
  • Story to be told: The most challenging thing I faced when making these books is to design the exact structures so they can slide easily. Every time I did it, I had to remove each page’s structures. Although it is quite wasteful (like ruining the books), it was like unwrapping presents at the same time!

  1. Big books
  • Designer: Thuy Duong + Quynh Mo + Quynh Rua
  • Story to be told: (Ms. Thuy Duong) Big books are new series with big size. My most happy memory after working with these series was to be considered as working with “difficult” books which relates to a bonus. (smile)