At his 80s, Ma Van Khang still choose DinhtiBooks to reprint 8 of his greatest books

Recently, 8 of Ma Van Khang greatest books: Leaf falling in the garden, Wedding without certification, Flowery white coin, One man one horse, meeting in La Pan Tan, 3 collections of short stories with 100 Ma Van Khang stories have been published by DinhtiBooks and were renewed both in editing and designing.

(Author Ma Van Khang (right) taking picture with DinhtiBooks’ representative)

Sharing the reason for choosing DinhtiBooks, Ma Văn Kháng called this a risky step: “DinhtiBooks was a surprise for me, a knowledgeable, professional and high level of art reviewing publishing company.”

When being asked about the book publishing process, author Ma Van Khang used a lot of praise for DinhtiBooks: “The progress took 6 months for 8 books and DinhtiBooks’ editors have worked so hard. From words to sentences, characters’ names, history… everything was perfectly edited and checked.”

From the bottom of my heart, I highly appreciate the producing team, editors and especially Dr. Nguyen Quang Tuan, who has cared so much about my books.

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