Being a scientist - The focal point of Dinhtibooks kiosk at Vinschool book fair 2016

At the end of last week, Vinschool Book Fair 2016 with the subject “Reading and creating with Vinsers” has drawn the attention of thousands of customers as well as popular book company like DinhtiBooks, Kim Dong publisher, Tre publisher, Alphabooks…

The attenders of the book fair, especially parents and pupils at Vinschool not only experience new reading environment but also enjoy dancing and performances of Vinsers. Besides, they have impressions on Reading diary products, book covers creating of Vinsers, as well as approaching selected books of each publisher. The book fair not only take part in developing reading culture but also be the place where Vinsers express their creativeness which is so close to the subject “reading and creating with VInsers.”

(Pic: “Being scientists” area draw attention of many small reader.)

Attending this book fair, DinhtiBooks brought interesting books with a lot of subjects like 365 scientific game - easy to difficult, Learning Montessori to teach children Montessori and many classics like Không gia đình, Túp lều bác Tôm, Những cuộc phiêu lưu của Tom Sawyer...

One of the most interesting activity is Being a scientist with the book 365 scientific game - easy to difficult. This is the first time when simple scientific researches step out from the pages. 365 scientific game - easy to difficult  is the popular book, translated from Usborne publisher. This is the book that parents tell each other to buy when they need a book to help children to develop their creative ability and help them to learn by practising.

(Pic: Children watching the magical color drop fall and dissolve into water)

Experiments in the book like watching the magical color drop, making volcano, test … of different … or eyes test are done right at DinhtiBooks kiosk. Children do it themselves and succeeded after just some explainations.

(Pic: It is easy to test …)

While children were busy being scientists, many parents attend the talk show “I do not need iPad to grow up” by DinhtiBooks and Vinschool. There were two guest speakers in the event: Hot mom Minh Trang and auther Hoang Anh Tu.

(Pic: The meeting “I do not need iPad to grow up” interested many parents)

Questions like “Should we let our children play iphone, i Pad?” “How can we turn those technology into useful tool and use it in a timely manner?” are answered by speakers.