WHAT DO WE DO? DinhtiBooks look for and exploit valuable manuscripts about traditional education, knowledge education, learning, entertainment… in fields like literature, history, nature sciences, social sciences, popular sciences and other social issues. Besides that, DinhtiBooks translate, edit and take part in the producing and publishing process. Our distribution channels vary in 63 cities and provinces in Vietnam. We produce the best contents for our consumers!

OUR VISION: With the slogan Sharing knowledge, receiving belief, DinhtiBooks thrive to be familiar with readers of all ages. We are on the way to be one of the five biggest and most prestigious private publishing company in Vietnam in 2020.

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With the market: Non-stop working, creating and trying to produce qualified books both in content and illustration. Products of DinhtiBooks have scientific value - they give useful knowledge; art value - they serve entertaining purpose and raise readers’ abitity to enjoy art; cultural value - they give prominence to cultural tradition and are in accordance with Vietnamese customs.

With partners: DinhtiBooks is a prestigious company which bring out the best benefit for our partners in every trading.

With our staff: We build a professional, creative, active working environment which highly appreciate justice, clarity, developing ability of each individual and the harmony in community.

With society: DinhtiBooks always balance between the company’s and society’s benefit. We often organize, participate in social activities, therefore bring goodies to the public.
DinhtiBooks is one of leading companies in children books publishing. At DinhtiBooks, we care about children and spare a lot of efforts to introduce them qualified and most specified books.

Our philosophy in making children books is not easy. Making children books requires proper investment: from choosing appropriate content for children, choosing creative and beautiful designing to attract them, to editing words and sentences. Because we understand, children’s first books are the foundation to help them to get to the vast world knowledge.
In recent years, Literature book has been the genre that we used a lot of efforts to build up. Dinhti Literature book include two main schemes: the first one is classical literature which have noble values. The second one is Eastern/ Western modern literature which have the breath of modern time and are enjoyed by young readers.

With this genre, DinhtiBooks have used a lot of time and efforts from choosing books, translating, editting to designing, illustrating… in order to serve the reading demand of all young readers.
Ma Văn Khang

Ma Văn Khang

Ma Văn Kháng is one of the most popular name with Vietnamese readers. He is the top writer in Vietnamese literature society and one of...

Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon

Diana J. Gabaldon (born January 11, 1952) is an American author, known for the Outlander series of novels. Her books merge multiple genres, featuring elements...

Hoang Anh Tu

Hoang Anh Tu

Writer, reporter Hoang Anh Tu (born in 1978) was a popular youth’s author.

Robert Dugoni

Robert Dugoni

Robert Dugoni (born 1961) is an American author currently living in Seattle, Washington. His novels have earned spots on The New York Times, Wall Street...



Customers’ review

Thank you DinhtiBooks for your good and meaningful books. My friends also love and highly appreciate your products.

Nguyen Viet Anh

I like DinhtiBooks’ Lift-the-flap so much, the flaps are lovely and firmly. My niece has already had all 9 Lift-the-flap books and is waiting for the others to come.

Tran Thi Phuong

I highly appreciate DinhtiBooks’ products because of the good translations which are very flexible and rightful in terms of language. Thank you for your wonderful products!

Phan Van Bao
Date: 02/07/2018

DinhtiBooks made a good impression on Vietnam Book Day festival

On Vietnam Book Day (April 21), the book festival was held at Thong Nhat park (Hanoi) with more than 100 book kiosk, 50.000 books’ names, more than 5 million books of different publishers all over the country. Among them, DinhtiBooks was one of the most popular brand at the festival.